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Hello! Welcome to my new and shiny blog!

You might have seen me floating around on the internet at sites here and there, guest-posting and whatnot, but I never have had a blog all to my own AND one that I intend to actually try and keep up! I apologize to all of my past failed blogs.

This blog is dedicated to something I’ve been doing since I was 14. Writing. And after 9 torturous years, I am finally trying to get my manuscript(s) ready for hardcore revisions and then the whole terrifying and exciting world of querying.
So, here I will blog about adventures in my writing and book life.

But first, a little about me! I graduated from Texas State with a degree in Creative Writing and a minor in Media Studies (film). Currently I work as the Assistant to the Post-Production Coordinator to a film production (can’t release the name, sadly that whole Confidentiality Agreement thing kinda binds me). I currently live in Austin, TX with my cute and fat calico kitty, Aria. I love books and reading, good film, coffee and music.

For a little while, this blog will be under construction and I’ll be adding and taking away things and deciding how I want this little blog to look. I hope you enjoy this and I can keep you entertained!


About Me.

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